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A Research, Reform
& Advocacy Project

Community led & equity focused bodies of thinkers & Subject Matter Experts (SME's) providing advice, ideas and proposed solutions to local projects for local socio-political issues.


About Us

We are non-profit, anti-racist, equity focused organization that empowers & centers the voices of community members while building bridges to "seats at the table" where decisions are made.


We collaborate with strategic planners, program developers, state & federal grant owners, government agencies, community-based organizations, program administrators and boots on the ground outreach teams to improve the effectiveness of programming aimed at improving the quality of life for the community of North Chicago, Illinois. 

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OUR MISSION: To improve the quality of life for over exploited community members of North Chicago, Illinois. 

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Build & Grow Local Power

We demystify and simplify complex multi-year strategic plans and objectives to increase community awareness & understanding of available programming and resources.

We amplify the call for more leadership opportunities for anti-racist & decolonized BIPOC community members and support authentic community led sustainable solution focused programming.  

We destigmatize white supremacy, systemic racism and the present effects of learned helplessness in North Chicago, Illinois and empower community members to engage in decolonization efforts. 

North Chicago Think Tank.png
North Chicago Think Tank.png

Center Black Joy & Self Care

Create & Support Spaces for Black Innovation & Imagination

We operate on a 180/180 model which allows us to spend six months of the year in highly visible joy centered activism while caring for the community and the following six months in low visibility activism caring for the mental and physical well-being of our volunteers, staff and collaborative partners

We focus on creating, amplifying and supporting spaces that seek, develop, nurture and protect the intellectual property of Black community members in North Chicago, IL. 

We work to measurably decrease the systemic violence faced by BIPOC community members while engaging with institutions of learning and collaboration.

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Healthy Food Access "Development Program "

Sustainably attack local food apartheid by supporting the launch of four (4) Black owned healthy food & drink education/resource spaces throughout North Chicago, Illinois.

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Quality Education Access "Development Program"

Sustainably attack local skill gaps by supporting the launch of two (2) Black owned, family focused, community training and development centers in North Chicago, Illinois. 

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 Land Ownership "Development Program"

Sustainably attack land ownership disparities by supporting a review of current land ownership contracts held by all corporations, businesses and individuals operating in North Chicago, Illinois.

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Park & Beach Redevelopment Program

Measurably increase access to self-care and joy centered spaces by supporting a swimmable beach and fully rehabbed parks throughout North Chicago, IL. 

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Quality Healthcare Access  "Development Program"

Measurably seek health equity by supporting constructions of One (1) Full Wing of Rosalind Franklin University School of Medicine fully devoted to the education and resource development for the mental and physical health of Black Women in North Chicago. 

Don't have time to volunteer with us, but still want to support?

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