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Eat To Live: Starting A Vegan Journey w/ Kandi Treats

Kandance Jackson, Vegan Chef and Founder of Kandi Treats, sits down with North Chicago Think Tank Blogger and Editor In Chief, Jacqueline Harris to discuss the journey into vegan food.

Does being vegan mean you have to give up flavorful and delicious food? Has our culture always been strictly a meat eating culture?

Is there a way to make vegan peach cobbler?

We're interested to know more! Before you finish your grocery shopping for family meals, click below & take a listen! If you thinking about introducing vegan dishes at your next family meal, definitely enlist the help of Kandi Treats vegan cooking in the very near future.

To keep up with Kandi Treats and to gain more vegan inspo, go to, follow her Instagram platform @kandi_treats14 & follow her on Facebook @kanditreats6.

The North Chicago Think Tank thanks Kandance Jackson, Jacqueline Harris and Rene Pierre for helping us gain helpful information that guides us towards eating healthier while maintaining our joy and happiness!

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