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NC Think Tank & Zoe Life Academy Team Up To Give Local Children A Ticket To The World!

When it comes to the Black children of Lake County, IL, we can all agree that it's of importance that they gain access to as many encouraging and inspiring resources as possible. Many programs aimed at Black children in communities like those of North Chicago, Waukegan & Zion focus on sports and music, but North Chicago Think Tank's Executive Director, William Jerard Coleman and Zoe Life Academy's Founder, Krystle McNeely are collaborating to launch a one of a kind program that take a different approach to empowering local youth.

Their early education program, My Global Adventures, showcases global access and international culture awareness as tools to support healthy development, promote limitless possibility and grow a love of hands on learning & equity focused exploration without centering whiteness.

ZLA's mission focuses on holistic education and lessons that promote self authenticity, resilience, and determination that translates beyond academic benchmarks and prepares young scholars for not only a successful career, but also a successful life.

In that same vein, My Global Adventures curriculum infuses William's true to life, international travel story telling with virtual global exploration activities to encourage young Black children to build proficiency in globally applicable skill sets and see themselves as capable and intelligent to do anything and go anywhere in the world.

Using his 10+ years of global migration experiences, William works with Krystle to weave together virtual treks, basic concepts, safaris, language development, international market tours, reading comprehension, global scavenger hunts and other backpacking travel styled activities to give the students a front row seat to the cultures, environments, animal kingdoms, culinary profiles and possibilities of our amazing planet while growing important skills like critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

Our first lesson, my first passport, was a resounding success and the children took very well to their unique global identities. They are ready to see the world!

We are excited to head into the spring and summer with this inspiring collaborative project! To learn more about Zoe Life Academy and their revolutionary approach to education, click below.

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